Reef Skim 2.0 500 DC Protein Skimmer

Reef Skim 2.0 500 DC Protein Skimmer

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High performance DC low energy consumption protein skimmer

Innovative in-base water outlet design allows water to exit the protein skimmer body through the base increasing the air-water contact time within the skimmer and reducing both noise and the number of micro bubbles escaping the body.

Using the latest Reef Pump DC Technology.

Compact Reef Pump SK with variable speed control and feed function

CNC precision engineered.

Ultra-compact space-saving design – small footprint is ideal for sumps with limited space.

Highly efficient cylinder body design ensures optimum water-to-air contact time.

Unique integrated air intake silencer - ensures whisper quiet operation. High performance bubble diffusion plate – ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column.

Extremely low power consumption

Quick and easy removal of the pump


  • Suitable for aquarium size 250 to 500 litres (depending on stocking density)
  • Min. Power :2W
  • Max. Power: 9W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Max Amp.: 0.75A
  • Dimensions (LXBXH): 109 x 109 x 413.5mm