TMC ICP Test 50+ Tests salt water and RODI water

TMC ICP Test 50+ Tests salt water and RODI water

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Our ICP-MS tests provide easy, fast and highly accurate analysis of over 50 elements in your water, at detection levels 1000 times higher than ICP-OES tests.

ICP-MS can detect elements at much lower concentrations (parts per trillion) compared to the parts per billion typically achievable with ICP-OES.

This sensitivity allows for more accurate measurements of trace elements even in very dilute samples.

The mass spectrometry approach used in ICP-MS is less prone to spectral interferences that can affect ICP-OES.

This is because ICP-MS measures the mass of ions, which can be distinguished more precisely than the wavelength of light measured in ICP-OES.

ICP-MS operates effectively across a broad range of concentrations, maintaining accuracy and precision even in samples with highly variable element concentrations.

The method used allows for a much higher degree of consistency even between different samples of the same batch.

8700 Marine test ICP-MS single 50+ elements

Elements tested: Ca, Mg, K, Cl**, Na, S, Sr,  B, Br**, Co, Cr, Fe, I**, Li**, Mn, Mo, P, Ni, V, Zn, Ag, Al, As, Au, Ba, Be, Cd, Ce, Cs, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Ga, Ho, Ir, La, Nb, Nd, Os, (PO4)*, Pb, Pd, Pr, Pt, Rb, Re, Ru, Sb, Se, Si**, Sm, Sn, Ta, Te, Th, Ti, U, W, Zr

*PO4 is calculated on the Phosphorus value